6 Tips to Writing Posts on Social Media

Author : Saxe Coulson
August 28, 2018

6 Tips to Writing Posts on Social Media

By now we all know that the game is not only to get likes, favorites, and followers but also to gain comments and shares as well. Engagement is key to getting ahead on social media, sio not only do we want to gain as many shares and comments as possible, but we also want our followers to want to share and comment in a positive manner.

In the world of marketing there is something referred to as NPS, which stands for Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score is a measurement of the willingness of customers to recommend your product or services to others. This gauges the customer’s overall satisfaction with the company or brand and their loyalty to that brand and is ranked on a scale of -100 to 100.

Most brands use humor, inspiration, education to engage their audience or they may support a cause in order to increase affinity for their brand or company. If you think about the last time you commented or shared a post, it most likely sparked one of the former reactions. We tend to comment and share posts that are humorous the most and then those that inspire us and educate us. The posts that get the most reaction are those that are emotional and make us feel some sort of way.

1. Write Posts That Create A Two-Way Conversation

Don’t just pitch your brand but ask thought provoking questions about whatever it is you are pitching. Create a post that makes people think and draws up a discussion so that people are engaging and conversing with one another. It can be as simple as asking what people think about so and so and then people commenting what they think. This also allows people to ask others what they think as well. You will also gain genuine feedback about your product or service as well whether it be the track you just produced or your last gig or party.

2. Write Posts That Are Timeless

You want to make sure that people can continue commenting and sharing long after your event, release, product, or service. It’s great to generate posts that generate excitement and extenuate scarcity but you also want to generate posts that can be shared over and over again long after they are posted. Our newsfeed doesn’t always show us the most recent posts and sometimes we are reminded about posts from the past or see posts from long ago with a stream of comments that never ends.

3. Let The Pictures or Videos Speak For Themselves

The saying a picture is a thousand words holds true in almost every situation. Nobody wants to read a long, drawn out caption on a picture or video. Keep the captions to the point and concise and leave a bit of mystery to the picture or video. The less you say about the picture or video, the more people are going to be inclined to inquire on what it is about.

4. Limit The Amount of Hashtags You Use

We’ve all seen those posts with a ton of hashtags but how many of us actually click on them. Hashtags are meant for a way for brands to generate a buzz and measure the success of their campaigns. It is a great way to conduct contests and create a community of people sharing content together but too many hashtags and it just looks like spam. You want your hashtags to be as unique as possible in order for people to click on them and see others sharing content about your brand.

5. Use Emotion and Feelings Behind Your Posts

We all know building excitement up until an event or release or a product or service launch sparks attention but there are a variety of other feelings that people also attend to. We now see this with the different reactions that we can implement on Facebook with the various emojis. Now we’re no longer simply liking posts but  also show various emotions. Each post should spark various reactions such as excitement and happiness but sometimes we might want to get a reaction of sadness or anger or even shock. Maybe someone in an organization or a colleague retired or maybe someone passed away, maybe a competitor is doing something they shouldn’t be. We all tend to want to steer clear of controversy but controversy also sparks emotion and makes us human.

Humor always works well and everyone loves a good meme or joke and posts that make them laugh. Don’t just post content that is serious all the time and directly pushes your agenda but always make sure it somehow ties into you and your brand and image. There are plenty of ways you can create funny memes and branded videos that can promote your next gig or release or event. There are also many ways to create educational and inspirational content as well.

6. Share Long-Form Content on Linkedin and Facebook

LinkedIn is known as the professional network and is also where a lot of discussion and conversation takes place. Quite a few professionals also look towards LinkedIn as a place to gain knowledge and further learn about the industry. So it is best to use this medium to share in-depth content that is educational and can be referenced. It also can be beneficial to establish yourself and your company or brand as an expert in a certain field or industry. It shows that you are knowledgeable about the subject and also allows people to reach out to you for advice. It can also help you gain clients in the future.

Facebook also tends to favor longer form content and posts as well and in-depth articles do well for Google search or SEO also. It is also not only a good idea to share YouTube videos throughout other social media channels but also use Instagram and Facebook live to promote yourself and your brand in an organic and authentic manner. Instagram is also beginning to allow for longer videos as well and Facebook also lets you hook up professional video recording software letting you broadcast live with professional video equipment rather than just simply using your phone.

It’s also best to always remember that you also represent your brand and yourself on social media. Just because you have a brand or artist page that you post on doesn’t mean you should discard what you post on your personal page either. You are also a representative of your brand and you should always keep that in mind when posting anything on social media.

Don’t post content that isn’t relative to you as an artist, promoter, or label and that doesn’t directly or indirectly promote your service or product. Whether you are promoting your next music release or gig or even your style and personality, you should always make sure everything you post is positive and reflects a positive image of yourself and your brand. Nobody wants to hear you complain or rant about your last gig or you talking down about someone else. It is just tacky and in bad taste and makes you look bad in the end. Keep your personal life and matters personal and don’t put anyone on blast.

Each social media platform also has a varied audience and what may work well to gain a high level of engagement on Facebook may not work as well on Twitter or Instagram. What may work on Linkedin may not work as well on Facebook. It is best to try different methods and test what works for you and your audience and what doesn’t. Don’t try too hard to figure out Facebook or any other social media platform’s algorhythm. This changes constantly and can be extremely difficult and frustrating to keep up with and figure out. The key is to figure out what works best for you and your audience.

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6 Tips to Writing Posts on Social Media

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