8 Methods to Stay Focused in an ADD World

Author : Saxe Coulson
April 17, 2019

8 Methods to Stay Focused in an ADD World

Every time we hear a new tone, our brain receives a signal, causing us to immediately diverge from whatever task we are doing at that time. In today’s digital world, we have the ability to converse with those across the world instantaneously. With our many different electronic devices, we are always connected with family, friends, colleagues, significant others, and even brands and celebrities. By being on constant alert, our brain switches gear every single time we get a new notification.

Having become so obsessed with constant communication among each other, the average person can now recognize over 10 different notification sounds. Each time we hear a new ping or ding, our minds automatically shift focus to whatever app or program the sound is coming from. This can result in a great deal of stress and anxiety, ultimately causing us to lose focus on the task at hand.

In order for us to remain as productive and proactive as possible, we need to solely focus on one task or project at a time instead of trying to multitask or juggle multiple projects at once. We don’t need to be on constant alert waiting for immediate updates on what’s going on in someone else’s life.

The continuous stream of content and the overwhelming amount of social media channels, messaging apps, and methods of communication make it increasingly difficult to remain focused. Our attention spans are dwindling and it is ever so hard to even pay attention to what is right in front of us anymore.

To help you stay better focused, we put together 8 ways to help you concentrate better and be less distracted in today’s digital age:

Note Everything You Need to Do and Want to Do

Trying to remember all your daily tasks in your head is never a good idea. By writing everything and keeping track of everything you have to do for each project or for the day, you allow your brain to become more focused. Instead of frantically trying to remember each and every step or every little thing you have to do, try using an app such as Microsoft OneNote or one of the many sticky note or task apps available. Apps such as OneNote provide a great way to organize and categorize your thoughts as well as separate each project into color coated tabs. Not only can you use this method for organizing your projects for work but also for grocery and shopping lists and travel plans and itineraries. By jotting down, categorizing, and organizing each and every project, goal, task, thought, or idea you have, you are allowing your brain to rest and stay focused.

Dedicate Specific Times for Social Media and E-mail

There is no reason we need to be checking our social media accounts or e-mail at all times of the day. It is best to allocate specific times of the day to browse through our newsfeeds or timelines and respond to messages. Each time we get a new notification, our brain pauses for a split second and we immediately get an urge to respond to whatever app or program the notification came from. This causes us to divert our attention away from whatever it is we are currently focusing on or working on. There is no reason for us to switch from one program to the next every time we receive a new notification. Dedicate certain times of the day to checking your e-mail while turning off notifications for all other apps and programs. That way you are 100% focused and dedicated to responding to e-mails rather than switching back and forth between other apps and programs. Use an e-mail program such as Thunderbird, which offers an extension to allow you to send e-mails at a later time or a social media app such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule social media posts for a later time. These apps can also schedule messages and posts to go out based on one’s locale.

Dedicate Time for Creativity

Whether one needs time for making music, designing the next art project, or planning the next party or event, we all need time to explore our creative side. When one feels the need to be creative, it is best to eliminate any possible distractions. This can be easily done by working in a dedicated creative space such as a sound or art studio or by simply embracing the natural world and environment, disconnected from our devices and modern civilization. Dedicating time to being creative is essential to putting our mind at ease and allowing ourselves to concentrate and see a project to completion.

Find Time to Disconnect from All Devices

It can prove difficult for many of us to simply put our phones, tablets, and/or laptops away for a minute. We have the notion that we are going to miss something important but instead this just causes anxiety and for the sake of our mental health, we need to find time to disconnect and give our brains some rest. This can be done by simply taking a trip to the beach, a hike, going on a camping trip, or a long drive. Finding time to put our electronic devices away and disconnect from the world allows us to appreciate the little things in life.

Save Articles to Read Later

We tend to feel the need to click on an article as soon as it catches our attention. Apps such as Pocket and Facebook allow us to save articles to read at a later time. Pocket also allows you to categorize articles based on the source as well as the subject matter and topics and interests. There is no need to click on an article and read it as soon as you see it. Bookmarking and categorizing links and articles into separate folders allows you to go back and read through past articles at a later time.

Use A Minimal Amount of Social Media Platforms

Many social media platforms have similar features and reach similar audiences. Of course some have different means and ways to share content, most brands and artists share the same content across multiple outlets. It is best to simply utilize the platforms in which you receive the highest amount of engagement and have the most dedicated followers. It is also best to figure out what type of content works best for each platform. Instagram is better used for content that is aesthetically and visually pleasing while Facebook is better for content that is diverse and varied. To share short anecdotes and ideas or to engage in discussions surrounding specific topics, Twitter may be best.

Hire A Virtual or Personal Assistant

Hiring a virtual or personal assistant can help with those that feel overwhelmed with keeping up with day to day tasks. A virtual assistant can help set reminders for meetings, respond to easy to answer messages, and help you stay on schedule. Personal assistants can assist with answering phone calls and scheduling meetings as well as help you stick to a routine and stay on schedule.

Outsource Your Social Media Efforts

We all want to be consistently growing our social media channels across the board but trying to figure out what content works best on each platform and how to get more followers with higher engagement can prove to be a daunting task. We tend to think that we can simply spend a ton of money on advertising but that also means choosing the appropriate graphics, delivering the right message, and figuring out what resonates best with our audience. It helps to set clear and precise goals and objectives and often times it is best to seek out a 3rd party to ask the right questions in order for us to do so.

Many of those involved in the creation process are better at creating rather than promoting and marketing. Which is why it’s better to focus on creating rather than worrying about how you are going to present your creations on social media. Whether you are wanting to reach new audiences or utilize your existing audience, sometimes it is best to seek out additional help with your social media efforts. That way you can spend more time focusing on what you do best, which is creating memorable experiences or extraordinary art. The world of electronic music is highly competitive and it takes being focused, consistent, and constant in order to excel in this industry.

Sometimes it is necessary to simply turn off all our devices, spend less time on social media, and focus on creating what the world has never heard or seen before. Whether you happen to be trying to grow as an artist or producer or you are trying to grow a label, event, or festival, it is imperative to remain focused. For assistance with growing your brand, growing your audience, increasing engagement, or producing content please reach out to info@6amgroup.com or visit our Social Media Services Page here.

8 Methods to Stay Focused in an ADD World

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