How to Brand Yourself on Social Media and Be Authentic

Author : Saxe Coulson
August 03, 2018

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media and Be Authentic

Whether you like it or not social media has taken over our lives. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat or even music streaming platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify or user-based video streaming such as Youtube and Vimeo or Twitch, many of us probably spend more time using social media than we do traditional media platforms. We are no longer reading magazines or newspapers or books even, we aren’t listening to AM/FM radio or even listening to CDs or watching DVDs.

News and stories are instantaneous and we even know what some of our friends have for breakfast. We also have access to an infinite library of music, video, games, movies, and shows. No wonder why everyone is always so busy…how can anyone possibly get anything productive done when they are too busy searching for the next song that goes well with their breakfast that they are trying to capture the perfect angle for the eggs benedict they just made?

With all the noise and clutter that one has to weed through, how do you gain a dedicated following and capture the right audience?

Many media outlets try to wow and shock us into clicking on that headline. The more clicks, the more comments, the more views, the more engagement and in return you ultimately succeed in climbing the Alexa scale. This ultimately translates into more advertising dollars for these outlets but it also allows them to lose credibility and tarnish their brand. You end up becoming another tabloid at the grocery store and people start to lose trust in the outlet being a reliable source of news or information.

So how do you gain clicks and engagement and followers then?

The first step is to be yourself. Don’t try to be funny when you aren’t. Don’t try to mimic another DJ or label or brand and do everything exactly the same as they are. It is ok to look at similar artists and look at what others are doing to gain insight and ideas but be innovative and creative and don’t try to be someone or something that you aren’t. It’s also best to look towards your friends and family or other artists and industry representatives for advice and how they would describe your personality, your style, and music.

The way you depict yourself on social media should be the same way you depict yourself in person. If you wear all black then maybe you want to depict yourself as serious and have a bit of an attitude. If you are colorful and eclectic, then maybe you’ll want to come off as fun and full of life. Some artists can be very technical while others can be unpredictable. Just as you want to define a style in music, you also want to define a style to the public and across social media.

Once you define how you want to purvey yourself on social media. Figure out which is the most comfortable channel for you. It isn’t important to be on every social media channel. If you can afford to get professional videos produced and upload them to YouTube then that would be necessary to take care of first. If you aren’t able to afford to produce professional videos, then decide on which social media platform you use most and focus on that first.

Next to YouTube, Facebook is obviously the most widely used social media platform. Luckily for you, Facebook also gives deep insights on who your audience is as well as how your audience reacts to your posts. It is best to find someone who is well-versed in defining your audience and have them analyze what type of content gets the most reactions. Don’t expect them to produce and post all your content though, home videos are always a fun way to interact with your audience. Coyu for example, went on Facebook live and accepted submissions for Suara while giving feedback. If you own a label or just want to show off your studio, this is a great way to get fans involved and also figure out who your fans are, where they are, and what they are about.

Music is all about the journey and a lot of people want to hear about your journey as well. Not everyone has traveled the world but we all know those in the electronic music industry travel quite a bit more than the average person. Therefore show off what you are eating, drinking, driving, and any other adventures you might embark on while abroad.  Don’t be afraid to share music that isn’t electronic either, sometimes people want to know what else you are listening to and getting influence from.

Also share other people’s music, if you think it is all about you and your music then you will only be promoting yourself but you want others promoting you too. If you play a track all the time or you see some good advice that you think can benefit your fans then don’t hesitate to share it. Then go and ask that person if they would like to hear some of your music, then they might be more inclined to share yours.

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How to Brand Yourself on Social Media and Be Authentic

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